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The Bis exhibition is on its way again, starting on 8 October and running until 16 October. Place of events is Flanders Expo in Ghent.

These are all practical matters. The Bis Beurs is an attraction every year for people who are going to build, want to redesign their homes from top to bottom. But also much more, things that you did not immediately think about, are discussed here. You can find many professionals and exhibitors who exhibit their merchandise. You need money for a renovation and renovation.

You leave for the Bis fair with great ideas for your home, but you do not know how much it will cost. Do you have sufficient own resources to pay for this yourself? Or do you have to borrow. When it comes to a renovation, we talk about a lot of money. Not abnormal to borrow for that. This way you can pay everything back at a slow pace and increase the value of your home. A tip to borrow is the renovation loan from Cetelem. At present, this is what the best on the market with very interesting conditions.

To grow, you obviously want to know exactly what you can spend on your budget. With a Cetelem classic renovation loan you can get started with this. You can carry out a quick loan simulation via the website and see immediately what it will cost you. Set an amount, for example 15,000 euros and enter the number of installments months. In addition, the cost per month and the APR (Annual Cost Percentage) appears to cost you no effort to use the simulation to make a calculation for your plans. You have to borrow at least for € 2500 to get a renovation loan, but when renovating and renovating a house you will quickly find this amount.


 Renovation loan 

 Renovation loan 


You can also use a renovation loan for a new kitchen, or to renew your terrace. Often things that have to happen at an existing home, but are often too expensive to pay out of pocket. You do not always have to appoint a professional, you can also carry out the work yourself. So a renovation loan from Cetelem can be tailored to your budget, how much you can pay per month and you use it for a project as desired. You choose execution yourself, whether you let it work or roll up your sleeves yourself.

So keep your eyes open at the Bisbeurs 2016. An event with exhibitors who will have a lot of ideas for your home. Your renovation will get a boost and you will want to get started as soon as possible. It is financially the mustache with an ecological or classic renovation loan from Cetelem. They act professionally when it comes to the pennies, once you have the money you can start the works and improve your home. With monthly payment, the cost is suddenly much better to bear and you see your home change month after month.

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