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Hiring a personal payday loan can be an experience that causes anxiety and tension. There are many factors involved and to be considered so that you do not end up swapping a problem for another, after all, this practice causes you to add a new debt to your spending quota.

Before hiring this type of service it is necessary that you organize yourself properly and make a survey of all your needs. Also, research the advantages and disadvantages of applying for credit and rethink your financial expenses.

Thinking of these concerns, in today’s post we will present you a step-by-step on how to take out a personal payday loan at Crediteriol Federal in a practical and safe way. Follow us!

What care do I need to take when hiring a personal payday loan?


What care do I need to take when hiring a personal loan?


First of all it is vital to organize all your finances. You need to consider that you will need to direct an X amount of your winnings to pay a portion that can be split over months or even years, or be paid at one time.

Then you should search for all available options. It is very important to make an evaluation of your options. So always check what interest rates are offered, and whether or not there are fluctuations and additions over the months. It is also interesting that you know the average rates of financing at different banks and credit bureaus.

Last but not least, always be alert to possible blows. With the democratization of the internet there are both good and bad things, the scams are examples of the latter.

Cyber ​​criminals use online financial institutions that promise lower interest rates so they can perform their tricks. It is necessary to be careful not to be a victim of this type of criminal activity.

To assist in your search for a personal payday loan, we will present five options through the Federal Savings Bank that may be advantageous to you. Check out:


The advantage of Direct Cash Credit is that you do not need to get involved in so many bureaucratic processes, after all, you can hire for Internet Banking or even the self-service terminals. The amount goes directly into your account for you to use as you wish.



In this mode you can get a value of R $ 300.00 to R $ 50,000.00 reais, with fixed installments that will be charged at the time your salary falls on your account. So you do not have to worry about wages.


Through the Blue Check loan you can move the amounts through check, debit card, Internet Banking and self-service checkpoints.



In this mode of loan you leave as guarantee of payment a property that is registered in your name. The loan amount can be spent the way you see fit, and can be paid in up to 240 months in decreasing installments.




This option allows you to place your vehicle cleared as payment guarantee, being able to acquire up to 70% of the value of the car in loan.

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To learn more about personal payday loans, on the website or at any agency, any of the alternatives may be a good option to resolve your financial deadlocks. By taking into account your earnings, your expenses and the options of credit, interest and forms of payments offered by the bank you can achieve a certain amount that may add further financial advantages in the future.

To know more just call in the SAC 0800 of the Box and inform yourself. Did you enjoy this post on personal payday loan from Crediteriol Federal? Then leave a comment in this text and share, with us and our other readers, your doubts about it!

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