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Personal loan with restriction on the name, is it possible to borrow money in this condition, dirty name? Perhaps it is possible, there are few financial companies that dare to grant this modality of credit. Ask for personal loan or bank loan with clean name is already bar, imagine with name with restriction . The loans move millions of reais, it’s a very big market, even so, there seems to be no room for people who have a negative name.


Personal loan with name restriction


Personal loan with name restriction


I have read countless blog posts and websites with outdated information, some say that banks and financiers make personal loans with a restriction on the name , but this is not true, in Brazil I do not know a commercial bank that does and only an official bank Crefisa, MoneyMan and Simplic) that gives “credit even to those who are restricted”, therefore, few financial companies do this.

Of course making financial transactions that involve interest gain on loans is one of the purposes of any bank, financial, websites and lending companies, factoring etc, but lending with extremely high risk really is not the intention of any financial institution.

Borrowing money and asset financing has already become a common transaction among Brazilians, with a clean name on the square gives up to evaluate the best conditions that each bank offers and choose the most advantageous and convenient loan plan . With the name with restriction , can you choose a condition?

All Financial Agents and correspondents usually follow the same parameters in the financial market, especially when it comes to interest rates and lending , some rules to free credit will never change. Even because, institutions classify their customers by order of default, how much better paying, better customer.


Assorted loan and loan proposals for people with a disability

Assorted loan and loan proposals for people with a disability


Today we can see on TV, radio and newspapers offers and credit proposals as varied as possible, banks are fighting for the customer, it is worth remembering that Banco do Brasil and Caixa started a revolution in interest reductions, today the customer can do the portability of credit, the exchange of bank, we see the rush on your salary account, this means that the competition is increasing, this is good, as interest rates are dropping and tend to lower even more.

Now that credit institutions and companies in the financial sector are releasing loan with restriction on the name , ie, they are making loan even with restriction in SPC or Serasa exclusively for individuals, it is difficult, and those who do, ask for sheets of checks as collateral.


Loan restricted in banks and financial institutions 


Loan restricted in banks and financial institutions in Brazil


The National Monetary Council (CMN) even authorized several financial institutions throughout Brazil to be able to carry out these loans with credit restriction , however, these measures reached only the people who can take the payroll deductible loan, that is, people who previously did not they could get loan or personal financing because they are “restricted in name” in the square with the payroll can, other than that option, associations and cooperatives are the best choices.

The demand for personal loans with a restriction on the name is very high, the number of people in this situation increases every day, with that, the facilities end up appearing, stay tuned, you must be very cautious before closing any deal, do credit simulation intended in various places. Because? When a suitable financier offers the ” restricted loans “, interest rates go to heights, the rates are much higher than those practiced in conventional situations. Why that? To eliminate the risk of the financial transaction, these companies grant the loan by charging high interest, so if there is a default, the loss of the institution will be minimized.


What are the types of credit restrictions?


What are the types of credit restrictions?


In the present circumstance we know that most people have some kind of credit constraint , and at these times it seems that the thing is even more pressing, if there is a need for a “negative loan”, study if it is feasible to present a guarantee such as a vehicle or a property. Funding or secured loans generally have excellent interest rates, and many lenders do not care if the person’s name is in trouble.

Remember the higher the risk of the loan with the default, the higher the interest rate charged, there are no magic formulas for those who are registered with the protection bodies, remember this.

Loan without consultation to the SPC and Serasa, with name with restriction for all Brazil and by telephone, there is more is expensive. This type of operation when done, is only in person, by application or online platforms as mentioned in that article.

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